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Deep Sea Adventures

Breathtaking activities such as...

Deep Sea Fishing, Deep Blue Dives, Deep Blue Free Diving, and Whale Watching

Deep Sea Fishing

Departure 7AM. 

42ft Yacht, Up to 12 lines, Outriggers, Downriggers, GPS, Fish finder, Aquarium for live bait, Fishing Chair and belts.

Bookings from January to April require at least 30 days of service date.

Charter a Fishing boat with 2 crew members, 42 ft boat, 12 lines, GPS, Fish Finder, Deck w/ living room, Head, Aquarium for live bait, Fishing Chair and belts. Includes :...
Deep Sea Fishing
Deep Blue Dive

Dive in the middle of a feeding chain, up on the surface where birds feed on Sardines and Pejerey, or underneath where Skip Jacks, Mahi Mahi, Sail Fish and others swim.

You are required to have 30+ dives in your logbook and an Advanced Diver certification.

Nothing to book at the moment
Deep Blue Free Dive

Put your free diving skills to work, and dive surrounded by larger marine life while they feed in open water.

Free diving certification is required. Must have a minimum  of 4 freedivers,  maximum 7 freedivers.

Group of 4 participants free dive at blue water spear fishing available
Deep Blue Freedive